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Lots of ways to do this.

First of all, you can get hold of our Director, Laurence Gauci via e-mail at email

(Note: To send us an e-mail, you must manually type our e-mail address into the "To:" field in your e-mail program. Or simply copy and paste the address. We do this to reduce the amount of spam we get, which is ridiculous as it is.)

Also, when sending us an e-mail please make sure put "FCBB", or something else revealing, in the SUBJECT field; otherwise your message will probably get sent straight to the trash bin, along with all the good news about Viagra and low mortgage rates.

Then there's the telephone: Call (519) 275-2303 to speak with our Director Laurence Gauci.

Or check out our gigs, past and future, come on out to one of our performances and strike up a conversation with any band member when we're not making noise. Some of us are better conversationalists than others; you'll have to go by trial and error here.


Or just drop us a line using this fancy form:

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