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What others have said:

To put you in the proper frame of mind for complimenting us, here are a few reactions from reviewers and others:

"Stratford, Ontario is best known for its theatrical productions, but the city and surrounding are home to some excellent jazz musicians. Some of the best local players have come together to form the Festival City Big Band, which has produced two CDs For the Love of It (FCBB001) and Easy to Love (FCBB002). . . . The band plays with verve and everyone is obviously having a great time. . . . By all means visit Stratford to brush up your Shakespeare but also make an effort to seek out the Festival City Big [B]and and enjoy some exciting and swinging music." - See the full review .
    -- PIOTR MICHALOWSKI, Southeastern Michigan Jazz Association
"Easy to Love, the Festival City Big Band's latest CD, displays top-notch playing. The band is clean and tidy, with a good choice of tunes. Cathy Whelan handles the vocal chores very professionally. I've played the CD on my show."
    -- BARRIE WOODEY, host of "Jazz for a Sunday Night" on CHRW, 94.7 FM, London, ON
"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful performances by the Festival City Big Band on opening night of our 50th season and again on the Tuesday opening of My Fair Lady. I believe the band was one of the highlights for Board members and staff alike."
    -- CATHY WINHOLD, Festival Theatre, Stratford
"The FCBB is one of this area's best-kept musical secrets."
    -- STEVE SMITH, Canadian Liver Foundation Regional Manager, quoted in The Stratford Beacon-Herald

Your comments:

"The Festival City Big Band rocks!"
"The level of playing and musicianship of this group just shines. Truly a treat for the ears!"
"This group really cooks!"
    -- BRAD FETTER (FCBB alumnus)
"Nothing could get my day off to a better start than seeing your pictures, hearing about the band, and listening to Cathy sing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I want to join the band. Could I pass out fliers? Sell CDs? Yodel?"
    -- CAM, Flagstaff, Arizona
"How can your drummer do that? Wow!" [referring to the solo in 'Sing, Sing, Sing']
    -- A.G.W. (10 yrs.)
"I listened to the song "Lady Is a Tramp" from your website and absolutely loved it! Mr. Adair's voice is superb and smooth. A real treat to listen to! I have your last CD, For The Love Of It, and it was amazing too."
    -- TARA
"Thoroughly enjoyed your concert on Sunday, just as much as the second CD, which I purchased some time ago. Look forward to your next concert."
Excerpt from a letter to The Stratford Beacon Herald, Nov. 21, 2002:
"On Sunday afternoon my husband and I attended a concert at St. John's United Church in Stratford. This concert kept us entertained and toe tapping for two hours with big band music, including vocals, that one would have to travel to a large city to hear the same quality. . . .
The band performing was the 16-member Festival City Big Band. . . . The music ranged from great renditions of Sweet Georgia Brown, The Lady is a Tramp and The Nearness of You to Hoagy Carmichael's Skylark. A lot of folks missed a top-notch performance. Next time remember... you don't have to go out of town to enjoy and support top quality band music... it exists right here.
All we wished for was a dance floor!"
"We had the pleasure of listening and dancing to your wonderful music on friday at the Vic Inn. We hope to get the opportunity to hear and dance to your music again soon. We will keep a eye on your web site for future gigs. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening. Please keep that music alive."
    -- ROGER
"Hi there! I'm really [impressed with] how nice big band sound you got. My fav. is witchcraft! Just blow your horns! "
    -- ZOLTAN (Mystery Gang Trio, Budapest, Hungary - www.mgang.net]
[Editor's note: Hey! We're internationally famous!]
"Very upbeat page. Love the phrasing of it. Great work. "
    -- spruyt@execulink.com
"I wanted to let you know that your CD ["Easy to Love"] is AWESOME!!!! If you have a gig schedule please send it to me, I would love to come and hear your group."
    -- JAMES BAUMGARDNER (Michigan)
"Man, your hot new dress shirts and ties are just too, too fab!! Your gigs are now treats for the eyes as well as the ears!"
[Editor's note: We suspect that this message was posted by a member of the band.]
"We are from England and love your band. We have listened to your music and think it is quite simply brilliant."
"I had an absolute blast at the concert on Sunday. My friend and I were walking around the river when we heard some music floating in the air so we went to check it out. It was an amazing way of spending an evening with so many people listening to some great music. Thanks for a great time."
"We really enjoyed your music last night in Bayfield--even the Christmas ones. In our part of the world it is just so seldom that we can enjoy such a neat event. . . . Come back to Bayfield!"
"Thank you for a terrific performance by the Festival City Big Band at Soup's On!! [Jan. 2008] . . . I am most grateful that the band has been willing & able to perform for us for so many years, we really are very fortunate to have so many talented people in our community - THANK YOU!"
    -- LUCIE STUART-BURTON (Community Relations Coordinator, Alzheimer Society of Perth County)

"Heard your band Mon. nite in Stratford. You were GREAT! Would like to order your CD."
    -- BARBARA HAIT (Michigan)

"I just caught your show in Strathroy [Feb. 28, 2008] with my 13-year-old son. WOW! We so enjoyed listening to you play, banter, and treat us to a very, very good night of music. Laurence, you've inspired my son to take up bass guitar (he already plays piano and tenor sax). How great is that?! Again, can't say enough how wonderful you all played. Congrats and hope to see you play again.


"We went to the Bayfield dance on Nov 7th [2009], and what a great time we had!!! You guys are phenomenal, and playing Glenn Miller's "In The Mood" for us made my night. The only thing I missed was not enough Latin, like a cha-cha. Can't wait until next year, and will keep an eye on your event calander to attend more dances.

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